What is DabbleDiv?

Our DabbleDiv is for racing exotic bets. All Dabble Racing Exotic payouts will be calculated using “DabbleDiv” declared dividends. The DabbleDiv is derived from a calculation of the probability of the winning combination occurring.

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Dabble Rocket

Boost your odds.

Our Dabble Rocket is a feature that enhances your odds on a selected bet.

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Choose your avatar and write a flashy bio.

To fully experience Dabble, make your profile public and share your bet with mates.

If you prefer to fly under the radar, change your profile to private, and choose who can see the activity by approving those you follow you. Whether your profile is public or private, you can hide any individual bet.

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Follow Other Punters

Once you go to another user’s profile and tap ‘Follow’, their activity will be displayed in your activity feed and you will never miss a beat. Search for your mate's profile name in the search screen. You may even find your favourite celebrity or sports star!

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Copy Bet

‘Copy Bet’ enables you to quickly get on another user’s bet. It will load the selection or selections (for Multi/Same Game Multi) directly to your bet slip. Choose your stake and place the bet for a seamless ‘copy’ experience.

When looking at your activity feed, each bet that hasn’t resulted yet will have a ‘Copy Bet’ button to quickly have a dabble.

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Bet Description

Every winning bet is better if you told people about it beforehand. The ‘Bet Description’ is your opportunity to justify the your bet in as much or as little detail as you like.

The ‘Bet Description’ might be a complete analytical view as to why Lebron will get more than 6.5 assists, or it might simply be ‘your lucky silks’.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? If a 4 leg same game multi gets up and you haven’t told your followers that it’s a sure thing…..did it really happen?

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Dabble has dedicated ‘Banter Channels’ to make the betting experience more interactive. Don’t want to have a bet? That’s fine. Chat all day and night with other sports and racing fans. You will find channels for Saturday Racing, Friday night footy, State of Origin, NBA playoffs and plenty more.

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